Forks & Mast Repair Services


Forks are generally divided into two groups:  shaft-mounted and hook-mounted.  Depending on your forklift's capacity and mounting preferences, you may select several types of forks to perform the numerous tasks at your jobsite.  This may require:  stainless-steel, gypsum-handling, block, spark-retardant , folding, lumber or plywood and/or coil-handling forks.




Due to normal operational stresses, accidents, failures from the manufacturer or inappropriate loading of attachments your forks may require repair or replacement.  This could be:

  • Bending of the fork at the heel, along the shaft, tip or shank resulting in a noticeable deflection.
  • Damage, weld separation or structural failure on a fork's shaft and/or bending/failure of the fork shaft on forklift.
  • Cracking along the shaft, shank or weldments.
  • Improper or unauthorized modification to fork shaft or shank resulting in structural insecurity.

Even heavy use of the forklift will result in damage to the Mast, from improper loading or accidents caused on-the-job.  This might result in deflection of the mast rails, cracking or bends in the material (in the cause of load failure) or it may be simply "hanging of the mast" from improper maintenance, lubrication or collision.

Any of these problems can be handled by the team at Fork & Attachment, your authorized Cascade Service depot.  Some of the fork and mast-related repairs we offer:

  • De-bending services to straighten deflections in forks or mast rails.
  • Replacement and welding of shafts, fork hooks and other guides for specialized forks.
  • Testing of fork shafts, shanks and shafts from structural defects, improper/weak welds using Magnaflux
  • Authorized and professionally completed fork-shortening and/or hole placement.
  • Procurement of tempered-steel fork shafting

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